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The letter from the patient M. suffering from DMD after the third course of stem cell treatment

Patient: L. M.
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Diagnosis: Muscular dystrophy
Country: Romania
Dates of treatment: October 2006; September 2007; March 2009

Pre-therapy: Patient M. has a long history of muscular dystrophy. He underwent three courses of stem cell treatment in EmCell Clinic, and this treatment was very effective.

Two months after the third course of the stem cell therapy, patient M. reported the following:

“I am writing 2 months after the treatment to inform you that my health is getting better, and there are some signs that prove that I am recovering. I walk by myself for approximately 2 km, slowly, but without being helped by another person, I feel a bit more strength when I raise from the place I sit (I feel this strength without being visible for somebody else). I follow a daily recovering program based on walking, medical physical exercise and I had B1, B6, B12 injections last week.
I hope the future news will be better so that you and I be glad together.
Best regards,

Three months after the treatment, patient M wrote:

“I have continued the recovery program. After the treatment, my health condition continued to have a positive progress, especially with regard to walking, where I sense more strength. When I get up, there are minor reactions based on a slight elasticity. I shall perform the neurological check-up at the end of the summer (approximately 6 months after the treatment).
Best regards,

Five months after the treatment the patient wrote us the following:


5 months have passed since the treatment at your clinic and I present a brief report of my health in the present.

The first months after the treatment, I have noticed visible signs of increasing of the muscular force, these signs were most noticeable when I walked. I could also notice a better elasticity of the articulations during the movement. At the beginning of August I had a period of time when I felt the muscles as being tired, even a slight exhaustion (when I rise from the place I sit). The sensation lasted approximately one week and after that I have turned back to the previous status.

In the present the physical state is obviously much better than after the treatment. I noticed no positive changes when I climb the stairs.

I have continued my recovery program (exercises, walking) and as the autumn starts, I would like to help my body, if you agree, by taking a series of vitamins (injections). The vitamins are the following B1, B6, B12.
I would be glad if you tell me how you think I should administrate the following period of time.

Sincerely yours,

Eight months after the stem cell therapy the patient wrote:

After almost 8 months from the treatment in your clinic, I have performed a neurological exam where the improvement of my health could be noticeable, especially regarding the elasticity of the movements. I mention that I have started a daily kineto-terapheutical program for a month and that my body reacts positively. At the end of November I will start the series of injectable vitamins, too (B1,2,6,12).

Best regards,