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Male Infertility

Stem Cell Therapy Center EmCell developed and successfully implemented a new method of improvement and restoration of fertility function in men using fetal stem cells. About 50% of our patients have solved their problems of male infertility.

The usage of stem cell technologies in treatment of infertility in men influences in different causes of this problem, such as blood vessels, hormonal, metabolic problem or inflammation. Using this technology, we can achieve positive effects in those clinical cases, which were non-prospective in view of traditional options of therapy.   

After stem cell treatment in EmCell clinic, the following improvements of fertility function might be expected in our patients:

  • Higher amount of sperms in ejaculate, or patients can even start producing sperms in cases with confirmed azoospermia;
  • Better sperms motility;
  • Increase in the amount of morphologically mature (non-defective) sperms in ejaculate;
  • Decrease, or complete elimination of inflammatory changes in ejaculate;
  • Increased duration of relapse-free period in men with inflammation of male reproductive system (compared to traditional therapy); 
  • Improvement of erectile function.

Our results in restoration of male fertility consist in increasing amount of “active” sperms in ejaculate during 6 months after fetal stem cells therapy, reported in almost 50% of cases.

35% of patients had successful in vitro fertilization (IVF) and 6% of patients reached fertilization by means of natural sexual intercourse.

The percentage of improvements can vary in each individual case, but positive changes have been reported in all cases. The majority of our patients are men, who did not get experience of any improvement doing the traditional methods of treatment. 

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