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Report on S.J. condition after the stem cell therapy

Patient: S.J.
Gender: Male
Age: 56
Country: Portugal
Diagnosis: Secondary lumbosacral radiculopathy.  Left knee osteoarthritis without functional insufficiency of the joint.  Autoimmune thyroiditis.  Persisting mild well-managed bronchial asthma without respiratory insufficiency
Dates of treatment: September 23-24, 2013


Hello, how are you?

Thank you for your email.

I am very touched by not having forgotten me.

As for my current state, we should not forget that what brought me to your center was erectile dysfunction and neurological disorders at the level of the pelvis and of the lower limbs.

1. Sexual function: Improving erections and libido. Erections are strong and maintained, but require stimulation (not spontaneous). Nocturnal erections (during sleep), are more frequent and intense;

2. Persistence of pelvic discomfort, and paresthesias (burning and stinging) at the inner surface of the lower limbs, with the variation of the intensity of an overnight;
3. Memory improvement, particularly for numbers;
4. Persistence of depressive symptoms (anxiety and insomnia, as well as fatigue and discouragement after waking). However, i am aware that problems of psycho-affective nature, by which I'm going through, contribute to the complaints listed


So far, I'm excited about the improvements of my sexual behavior, as well as my memory for numbers.

I know it is still early to have a definite idea about the results of this first treatment, and I reaffirm my intention to return to again be handled by you, as soon as possible.
Yesterday I did blood tests and urine tests, whose results await. Once I have them, I send you to your analysis.

I hope to see you again as soon as possible.

Thank you very much for your dedication and professionalism.
Best regards!!