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Improvements seen by Parkinson patient after cell therapy

Patient: J. S. H.  
Age: 63
Gender: Female
Diagnosis: Well-managed akinetic-rigid, tremor-dominant Parkinson’s disease. Grade I circulatory encephalopathy with mild vestibular syndrome.  Levodopa overdose signs.  Unstable remission of chronic colitis.  Chronic vertebrogenic lumbar ischialgia in remission 
Country: Jordan
Dates of treatment: September 9-10, 2013

Dear all,

First of all I would like to accept my apologize for late responding your mail concerning to my mother case health after the stem cells therapy which had been injected to her I like to say:
1- After the 2 days of cure my mother was in excellent health as she was before the disease.
2- In the next month I mean after 21 days exactly she fall back specially in digestive process.
3- Nowadays she is better than before but still she is falling sometimes when she try standup from stillness situation.

Conclusion: she is really better than before and I will send you two comparing photos for her before treatment and after treatment.
Thank you so much for your effort and we to help her again to get the 21 days first treatment which were the best duration life.
Looking to hear from your side the best way to help us again.