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Improvements seen by a patient after stem cell treatment

Patient:  B. G. M.

Age: 67
Gender: Male
Diagnosis: Unstable remission of extensive cervical osteochondrosis with muscle tone abnormalities and moderate pain. Osteoarthrosis of the large joints with grade II→I functional insufficiency of the joints 
Country: Canada
Dates of treatment: May 10-11, 2013

Thank you for your concern, yes, I am feeling well. 
No pain or problems from c6-c7-c8 disc area and rotation is great.
Old knee pains have been gone for 5 months.
Have not had a sick day in 6 months not even a cold.
Had nerve tracing done on left arm bad carpal tunnel and ulna nerve around elbow.
Had surgery on both moved nerve to inside of elbow to protect it.
Skin on hands were very weak if I hit  a knuckle skin would peel off very easy better now.
Hope all the problems over there are getting sorted out.