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Condition of the patient M.C. with multiple sclerosis

Patient: M.C.

Gender: Female
Age: 63
Country: USA

Diagnosis: Secondary progressive multiple sclerosis with cerebrospinal involvement, spastic paraparesis of lower extremities and urine retention.  EDSS – 4,5-5. Vertebrogenic dorsopathy with moderate pain
Dates of treatment: September 30 - October 4, 2013.


It has been 1 month since M. was treated at your clinic for Secondary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis. We will be sending additional updates on a monthly basis. So far, she has experienced the following improvements in her symptoms:

  1. She had 2 painful spots on her spine. Middle of spine spot is completely gone. Lower back spot is no longer painful. Only a moderate amount of pressure remains.
  2. Improved leg muscle strength. Has been able to stand up from a sitting position much easier and has been able to increase distance walking with walker.
  3. Increased energy level.
  4. Sleeping very well with 3mg. of Melatonin. We have eliminated Tylenol PM for sleeping.
  5. Bottom of feet remain less picky and painful. Feels like walking on smooth pebbles.
  6. Friends and neighbors have commented that M. looks more vibrant and interested in activities.
  7. A short time after treatment M. felt movement in her stomach area that lasted for about 3 days.

In addition to the above improvements following are the lifestyle changes M. has made:

  1. Increased intake of Protein. 
  2. Increased exercise from 3 days per week to daily. Exercise includes 13 minutes of riding recumbent bike that exercises upper and lower body and 11 minutes of stretching.
  3. Planning to incorporate pool exercise soon.
  4. Appetite has not changed.

 Blood test results, requested by EmCell doctor, are in the process of being sent to us. We will forward to you as soon as we get them.
We look forward to additional improvements as we approach the 1 to 6 month timeframe where most improvements may occur. Please feel free to comment on any of the above information and give us additional direction as deemed necessary.
Is the progress M. has experienced typical of most MS patients?