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R.W. feedback on multiple sclerosis treatment at EmCell

Patient: R.W.
Gender: Male
Age: 44
Country: Sweden
Diagnosis: Primary progressive cerebrospinal multiple sclerosis with spastic paraparesis of the lower extremities. Urine incontinence.
Dates of treatment: September 20-21, 2012

R.W. was treated with stem cells in our clinic. Below is his feedback on the treatment.

October 19, 2012


I just wanted to write a little status report on how I feel and why the test results are pending. I feel really good both physically and mentally in addition to my Swedish doctors do not want to or cannot help me with my blood samples but I have not given up yet, I try with other doctors and hope for better help. I will be back with test results as soon as I can and until that I train and eat so right I can according to your wish.

Best regards, R.W.

November 12, 2012


I feel pretty good after the treatment.
I have not got any pain in my legs since the treatment and my legs feel stronger and I am not that tired in the afternoon.
It feels like it's easier to lift my left foot than before.
I will get back to you with blood sample results as soon as possible–it’s not that easy to get them done in Sweden.

November 20, 2012 

I would like to announce that now 2 months after the treatment in Kyiv, I have improved in every way. I feel stronger and less tired. But I have also encountered a problem with getting help to get follow-up blood tests in Sweden, according to the Ukrainian doctors wishes. So my curiosity is if I and my brother are the first MS sick Swedes who go through this treatment and unless we are first, my wonder is how other Swedes have done to get help with testing. Do EmCell have a partner for sampling in Sweden?

Grateful for the response, best regards R.W.