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Improvement in the condition of a patient sufferefing from dilated cardiomyopathy after the treatment at the EmCell clinic

Patient: A.M.
Age: 49
Gender: Male
Diagnosis: Dilated cardiomyopathy
Country: Egypt
Date of the treatment: May 2010

A patient A.M. suffering from dilated cardiomyopathy underwent the course of stem cell treatment at the EmCell clinic. After the treatment, his doctor wrote us the following:

Thank you very much for your nice cooperation. The good news is that Mr. A. appreciates too much efforts done by you and the staff of EmCell clinic and he is very happy with the results.

He started to feel better, he was able to sleep (for the first time in 7 years) for 12 hours last night. Due to his disease, he used to wake up every 20- 30 minutes because of dyspnea and chest pain. According to his story, he used to wake up all the night with very little sleep hours, while his family members were sleeping. Last night he went into deep sleep, while his family members were all wake up.

He is very happy with this result in particular, and he is sharing a very good impression about you and EmCell treatment with people around him.

Another important fact is that his chest pain is now reduced to a minimum. His activity improved, he retained morning erection, his mood is much better and he says that he feels happy not like before. He is avoiding too much efforts and exhaustion.

I think these evidences point to a dramatic improvement which I hope will proceed to a satisfactory degree of improvement.

I'll keep you informed about his condition.

Best regards,

Dr. M. F.