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Patient A.A.N. feedback on EmCell treatment

Patient: A.A.N.
Age: 72
Gender: Female
Country: Kuwait
Diagnosis: Akinetik-rigid and tremor-dominant Parkinson’s disease, stage II Hoehn&Yahr. Stage II grade 2 essential hypertension, hypertensive heart, risk group IV. Grade I heart failure with preserved LV systolic function, NYHA Class II. Extensive osteochondrosis with moderate muscle tone disturbances and pain. S.p. laminectomy and discectomy with plate installation (2004, 2007). Moderate monoparesis of the right leg. Unstable remission of seconary chronic cystitis without kidney failure
Dates of treatment: June 5-6, 2012

Below is the letter of the daughter of the patient written four months after the treatment:


How are you and Doctors too? Please give our regards to all. Mama is better in some ways. We suppose to give a report to you:
  1. Pain. The usual pain for bone has gone. No night pain now. Thank you – I sleep now sometimes.
  2. The nerve (drop ankle) is better. But still she did not walk until now.
  3. Physiotherapy. Doctos says she is much better no stifness like before. S
  4. She is still screeming at nights if she wakes.
  5. Her face is better not like before.
  6. She has better mood but still gets angry from servants working in the house.
Otherwise all over the blood test is very good, even vitamin D is 131. Doctor says she is very good. I don’t give anything, only Calcium in tablets.

We like you much. I think we need another injection for mama later after maybe. I will keep in touch.