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Update on I.M. condition suffering from epilepsy after stem cell treatment

Patient: I.M.
Gender: Male
Age: 17
Country: Serbia
Diagnosis: Epilepsy.  Grade I-II thoracic kyphoscoliosis.
Dates of treatment: May 27-28, 2014

Good news come from Mr. I.M.:

  • Nocturia is significantly reduced, only twice in one month

Much better:

  • Communication,
  • Wider fields of interest,
  • Interest for people around him,
  • Ability  of making his own decisions,
  • Wish to go to school,
  • Wish to learn,
  • Desire do be involved in live discussion in the presence of other people,
  • Desire to be noticed and respected,
  • Wish that others accept his attitude and opinion on things
  • Desire to be independent from mother

I hope this may be of an assist for you,

With best regards,

B.Ch.Pharm.E. Aleksandar Erdeljan

Direktor VIDERMA D.O.O.


Update on 17/11/2014:

Here is an update, Mr. I. M. is truly getting better on daily basis. Other people, family do notice this:

  • He is more communicative, more independent
  • He makes his own decisions and takes responsibility for it.
  • He is much better at school, teachers notice that.
  • He no longer pees in bed at night
  • He can take bath almost independently from his mother
  • He is active in taking an initiative in conversations, proposals for things to do
  • His mother, on the other hand, being with him all day long and having over realistic estimations admits his improvement as well.
  • He is physically more active due to greater self confidence
  • His vocabulary is developing
  • They will repeat the treatment in next 12 months

I hope this may be of an assist to you.