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Feedback from the patients after stem cell therapy

Patient: O.H.
Gender: Female
Age: 13
Country: Denmark
Diagnosis: Developmental delay.  Well-managed secondary hypothyroid

Dates of treatment: May 13-14, 2013 (4th course)

Patient: M.H.
Gender: Female
Age:  50
Country: Denmark
Diagnosis: Chronic fatigue syndrome.  Remission of lumbar osteochondrosis with moderate muscle tone abnormalities.

Dates of treatment: May 13-14, 2013

Three months post-treatment, the patients wrote us the following report on their health condition.

Dear Valentina,

Things have been really good. O.'s OCD - obsessive compulsive behavior - and her anxiety has almost disappeared. Her manual skills has improved, she is now independent pulling up her pants, putting on her shirt and almost independent putting on her socks. She has improved her skills when taking a shower, washing her hair, body, putting conditioner in her hair and so forth.

She has a much more willing attitude to learn new skills and she is now trying to work on the things that are difficult for her. Before she had a very hard time being introduced to things she needed to practice. Also her transitioning has improved, she is smoothly following along and moving on to new activities. Her self-damaging behavior has decreased, she is not hitting herself with the same intensity as before. She is must more calm and cooperative and her compliance has improved in a fantastic way. She is learning new skills and improving very much every week. New sounds and better breathing and she has grown a lot.

In short I would put it this way: it has been the best month in August in all the 10 years I have being doing programs with O. I am so motivated to help her and do the program in contrast to before where is was quite tiresome to do program with O., because she sabotaged the program and was highly oppositional to all things that were introduced to her.

Her prognosis for her heigth was before treatment with stem cells and growth hormone 135 cm. Now the prognosis is 150 cm. And the doctors expect she can get even higher than that.

With regard to me: I have a much better life, more energy, when I do running with O. I am able to do it without getting soar afterwards. I went trough a big court case in August and I was able to focus on O.’s training right after being in the court. So I feel I am better at controlling high stress and getting it out of my system again. I also think my face wrinkles have gotten less and not as deep as before. I look more alive and I feel more alive - and better at cooping with my challenges.

Warmest regards to everybody from O. and M.