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Improvements in A.J. condition after the stem cell treatment

Patient: A.J.
Gender: Male
Age: 6
Country: Oman
Diagnosis: Sequels of hypoxic-ischemic damage of the central nervous system with psychomotor delay. Alalia. Symptomatic epilepsy with myoclonic seizures
Dates of treatment: January 21-22, 2015

I am a mother of patient A. who was treated in your centre on January 2015.

A. now completed one year and 2 month from the stem cell treatment. 

He joined intensive physiotherapy programme from last November to February. He did very well in the programme. Really we didn't imagine that he will get this much of improvements. 

  • Now can change laying position to sitting position without our help.
  • He can also stand on sofa or bed side without our help.
  • He has a good head controll.
  • In general all his movement has improved. 

Still he is not saying any letters or words but he understands what's going on. 

We take a professional physiotherapy course and we bought  all necessary stuff (like therasuit, standing frame, electrical stimulation machine and others) and we are continuing his programme at home.

I would like to know about his next treatment programme. 

Thank you very much.