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Patient M.W. feedback on stem cell treatment at EmCell

Gender: Male
Age: 5
Country: USA
Diagnosis: Cerebral palsy with lower paraparesis. Mental and physical delay.
Dates of the first treatment:
Dates of the second treatment:October 15-16, 2012

15.10.12 Physical Examination:

Max arrived to the Cell Therapy Block with his parents and grandparents. He came for the 2nd course of treatment. Max grew up. According to the parents, evident improvements started 3 months ago. He can now walk with support, special device or pulling the cot. He puts full left foot on the floor at walking. Braces are often used as well. When he walks, his head is bent down, and he raises it only for some time. He hasn’t learned to crawl. Autoagression reduced, and reaction speed increased, and he is now concerned about his safety.

Two months after the treatment, his mother wrote us an e-mail:


Max is doing very well in general health. He is making more progress in motoric and fine movement. I have noticed that lately he is much more interested in toys, which he never done in the past. I hope he will make more improvement in the future.

Thank you and best regards.