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Condition of the patient C.D. after stem cell therapy at EmCell

Patient: C.D.
Age: 63
Gender: Female
Diagnosis: Vertebrogenic brachialgia with muscle tone abnormalities and moderate pain. Nodular osteoarthritis of the small and large joints (Heberden’s nodes) without functional insufficiency of the joints. Dyslipidemia
Country: USA
Dates of treatment: March 6-7, 2014

I am doing very fine, the treatment really worked on me, and still continue that way. I have been more energetic, and seem to look younger. I did thorough medical exam in Taipei about 10 days ago and the result was terrific, once I received the report. I will forward it to you. My LDL was 135, only 5 points higher than the limit, HDL was good at 86. Total 221. 

Other areas were excellent. Nobody believed my age.