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The letter from the patient I.B. with Best's disease (macular dystrophy)

Patient: I.B.
Age (at present): 25
Gender: Female
Diagnosis: Macular Dystrophy (Best’s Disease)
Country: Ukraine

For the first time I contacted EmCell in 2000 for treatment of maculodystrophy, or Best’s disease of both eyes. It is a very rare disease, and traditional medicine hasn’t yet invented a cure for it.

I must say that before I came to the clinic, I had tried many routine treatments in specialized eye clinics, but all of them were just supportive, and my central vision was gradually deteriorating. At the age of 14, my central vision was so bad that I could neither read nor write.

My second cousin told me about EmCell clinic offering absolutely new of treatment method – fetal stem cell treatment. I underwent the course of treatment and saw improvements six months later. My central vision not only improved, but also stabilized. I was able to graduate from high school and enter the university (Department of Translation).

Presently, I am living on my own and studying abroad. At the same time, I work as a secretary. Even though my eyesight has not restored completely, I am very happy with the results because the treatment changed my life dramatically. I am very grateful to the doctors who took care of me and to all the staff of EmCell clinic. I would like to add that the atmosphere in the clinic is very friendly and soothing. Doctors, nurses and other staff are always there for you.