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Testimonial on fetal stem cell treatment of two kids with autism from T. family

Patient: K.T.
Gender: Male
Age: 9
Diagnosis: Autism
Country: Canada
Treatment dates: July 20-21, 2011

Patient: J.P.T.
Gender: Female
Age: 10
Diagnosis: Autism
Country: Canada
Treatment dates: July 20-21, 2011

T. kids both suffering from autism underwent stem cell treatment at the Cell Therapy Center EmCell. Over the past year and a half, their condition has improved, as seen from the below letter:

Hi Valentina,

I am constantly recommending EmCell to parents of autistic kids. I cannot believe how many parents email or phone. It’s okay that parents contact me. I like telling our story. My email is on the internet from telling our story about our kids. Just wondering if any of the parents mention they got good information from me.

It takes tons of time explaining the importance of a good diet and not feeding kids sugar or fast food. But I feel it’s worth it. Some parents think they can just get stem cells and everything will be fine. I am always having to tell people it matters what you feed kids. North Americans mostly Americans feed their kids tons of junk food. And it seems lots of people don't like to change their diet. I feel like the good diet we feed our kids has facilitated them to getting better.

We are doing great. Our kids have improved in so many ways. And they continue to improve. K. was not able to attend school full time before he went to EmCell. K. went to EmCell in July 2011 and in September 2011 the start of school he was going full time and doing well in school. He also can read now. Before stem cells he would have 3 to 5 word sentences, and now he does not stop talking in complete sentences. He is much happier. Before he would have temper tantrums, and now he has none.

J. is doing great too. She is happier. She speaks in longer sentences now. She sleeps better. She does better in school. She needs less supervision. J. has not improved as much as K. has. She was always more autistic than K. She diffidently improved in the year and a half since we were at EmCell. I would like to bring J. back for another treatment. I believe it would be good for her.

I had the treatment too. I am feeling great, full of energy. I am very glad I got the stem cells at EmCell. The great thing is I continue to have lots of energy. We have very busy lives farming so our kids have a good source of food.