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Feedback on the patient’s condition after stem cell treatment

Patient: A. C. F.
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Diagnosis: Autism
Country: USA
Dates of treatment: April 5-6, 2012

Hello all, 

It has been almost two years since A. was at Emcell.   A. saw tremendous progress in sustaining attention and self injurious behaviors.   He has been able to do more work at school and his anxiety has dropped considerably.  The last few months has been a bit more difficult.  He has regressed in both areas just a bit.  Your treatment is really the only thing that has allowed A. to show any considerable improvement.  Can you give me any information about how long stem cells work and does regression occur?  We hope all of you are well.  My family worries about you all and the uneasy situation in Ukraine.  We would like to do another round of stem cell for A. but fear that this is not a good time to travel to Ukraine.  

Wishing you the best,

T. and A. F.

Fetal stem cells treatment results depend on: disease's severity, age of the patient, adherence for the medications and regime. Treatment results, presented on this site, are individual for each clinical case.