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Feedback of E.M. on EmCell stem cell therapy

Patient: E.M.
Sex: Female
Age: 49
Country: Switzerland
Diagnosis: Dyshormonal neurocirculatory asthenia
Date of treatment: August 29-30, 2012

Dear Valentina, dear EmCell Team,

Many thanks for the loving demand, it was an honor to see you all again and the warmth with which you have welcomed me tight in your clinic was beautiful. I want to thank you for everything afterwards - with all my heart!

At the moment we are just at a conference in Berlin, on Sunday we will fly back to Switzerland.

Now back to August 29

The first infusion:

Immediately after the treatment, I felt very tired, introverted me, a little shaky, disoriented, inattentive, a little uncomfortable as after a little anesthesia or sedation may slow thinking. Arrived at the hotel I made the decision to organize a large mineral water bottles and went on my way bottled water in the shopping area to buy. I felt insecure, disoriented (as I usually am absolutely not), confused and I had to concentrate extremely to me the way that I had gone to remember so I do not get lost. Back at the hotel I tried to work a little to answer emails and phone calls but my brain cells were very upset when they were not in the right place, I made a lot of spelling errors and articulation errors, I felt overwhelmed and I felt nauseous so I ordered my dinner to my room, I was very, very hungry, despite the nausea. Then I felt better and I went to bed to rest myself and to concentrate myself on the stem cells.

They did their job really well, I felt an amazing fireworks show in my mind, a tingle on my lips and a pleasant soothing fire that went up and down my spine, and later the legs. After that, it felt like my whole body was scanned, to about four clock in the morning, my mind was very alert and quick. I can still feel exactly where the power of stem cells are found in each case.

August 30

The second infusion:

I felt a little tired when awake but that's normal when you slept next to nothing... otherwise I felt mentally awake, thinking fast, clear, communicative and very happy. Immediately after the second infusion, I felt a little tired (probably from the antihistaminia) otherwise very elated and happy, on the way back to the hotel a slight nausea probably from the drive. In the hotel I ate something and answered a few phone calls, my patients / clients were thrilled with my energy and acted like suction cups but it tired me not as much as usual, on the contrary. Then I rested again and tried to dive into myself to the Stem Cells to perceive more, it was like to dive into the infinite depths of the oceans, overwhelm weightless, and breathtaking, a fascination of indescribable flow of life, this wonderful refreshing tingle as if you are in a champagne bath and dreaming on.

In this mode of weightlessness I can perceive much more intense and time goes lost like in a dream, this night I slept very little, I was happy to fly back home and at the same time I was sad to leave Kyiv.

August 31

My reliable driver took me to the airport safely and on time (thank you, and best wishes to his daughter Olga). The flight was pleasant but not as spectacular as last year! :o)

Once at home, I felt exhilarated, easy and a little turned up, overbearing, and was delighted at the return of my husband. When he came through the door, I had to laugh because his hairdresser had cut him on the side of the hair is too short, so the scalp shone through... I could not stop laughing - what I will say is, I was and I'm like a teenager...

Comment by my husband

"E. came back in an excellent mood. She is much more dynamic and energetic then before. Her movements are quicker and very agile. She thinks more quickly and very positive. She shows a can-do mentality in every aspects. Her skin is firmer and softer. Her appearance is much brighter. E. hair is shining very much. Her whole appearance is like she was at least for years on a very relaxing vacation. She seems to be very lucky and positive minded. It is a real pleasure and big fortune to be married to her."

So, he was very impressed / excited about what he saw. He told me that he had not expected such an effect, unbelievable. The next time he would like to come along. He will examine me occasionally in the future and continue the case report.

First September we were at a convention for orthomolecular medicine for physicians and pharmacists, the lectures were very high standing and were very instructive. My attention was very awake and very pronounced my comprehension. I received many compliments probably due to my quick thinking.

In general, I am balanced, happy, relaxed and full of enthusiasm, sometimes a little tired but still very fast regeneration time. When I am hungry / thirsty, I have to eat / to drink immediately otherwise I feel uncomfortable, very uncomfortable - the stem cells require for their rights! :o)

So now I would like you not to bore you with my words, I would be grateful if you could send me my updated lab results and the medical forms for stem cell treatments in English and French.

My diary of my first stem cell treatment, I will, as promised, translated into English and mail it to you.

I wish you all a wonderful evening with relaxing moments.

Warmest regards from Switzerland

E. M.