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Treatment of Patients Suffering from Autoimmune Intestinal Diseases with the Use of Fetal Cell Suspensions

Smikodub Alexander, Bushneva Victoria

Cell Therapy Clinic of National Medical University and Embryonic Tissues Center "EmCell"

30 patients suffering from medium and severe forms of chronic relapsing nonspecific ulcerative colitis (21 patients) and Crohn's disease (9 patients) in the acute phase were subjected to intravenous transplantation of fetal hemopoietic stem cells. Remission by 14 to 30 days after transplantation was observed in 43% cases, incomplete remission, in 30% cases, and absence of this effect, in 27% cases. Transplantation did not cause any side effects. After transplantation, syndrome of the early posttransplantation improvement was observed in 40% cases, and syndrome of psychophysiological changes in 80% cases. In patients who transferred to the remission phase, the defecation frequency decreased from 8±2 to 2±1 times, admixtures to stools disappeared or their amount significantly decreased, body temperature normalized, and weight gain was observed.

Endoscopy carried out after 1 and 3 months revealed disappearance of hyperemia and edema of mucous coats, absence of contact hemorrhagic diathesis, vascular pattern, or distortion of haustra, disappearance of inflammatory polyps, and decrease in the length of intestine injury. Also disappeared roentgenologic symptoms of large intestine injury such as serration, double loop, absence of haustra, straightness or narrowing of large intestine, as well as symptom of filling defects.

Normalization of erythrocytes and hemoglobin contents was noted by 15–20 day (p<0.05). Immune system revealed two types of behavior: quick normalization within 2–3 weeks and sharp decrease of cell antibodies leading to interruption in inflammatory process, with slow restoration of immunity by 2–3 months.

Duration of remission observed was 294±57 days.