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Influence of Stem Cell Development by Physical Environment

Specialists in science from Germany, Israel and the United States made a new research where it was shown that physical qualities (and not only chemical) have the influence in designating in what way stem cells of adults from the bone marrow are developed into varied cells. This research describes the essential step in realization the methods that regulate and direct the stem cell specialization from the indefinited condition.

Researchers and scientists all over the world are incuded in describing, learning and controlling the stem cell development on their way into becoming special cells like brain, heart, muscle or any other tissue. This finding has huge conclusions for the future usage of stem cells as a new instrument for medical treatment.

Some doctors from famous Universities explained how they developed a theoretical scheme and made experiments on stem cells to offer a mechanism for the last researched sensitivity of stem cell differentiation to the rigidity of their surroundings.

They depicted the physical alterations that can be in stem cells and are placed on supporting basises of varied rigidities. They described that on a supporting matrix (its rigidity mimics of muscle tissue), the cells become extended and filled out with adjusted muscle-like fibres.

These researchers show a new light on understanding of people of the mechanisms that manage the differentiation of stem cells and may have essential conclusions for the project of synthetic topics and the evolution of therapeutic methods.