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Bioreactor provides quicker, cheaper and less painful source of stem cells

Emerging Healthcare Solutions, Inc (EHSI) obtained a license to use the Rotary Cell Culture System or bioreactor in order to multiply stem cells in Germany, China, Panama and other countries except the US. The bioreactor enables rapid and quality cultivation of adult stem cells for therapy and research purposes. Besides, it makes possible to lessen patients’ pain and trauma.

The common way of stem cell harvesting is so called bone marrow apheresis. This is invasive and painful process which carries some level of risk. The problem with alternative methods of adult stem cell harvesting is that they don’t provide enough stem cells for the treatment. Rotary Cell Culture System can multiply insufficient quantity of stem cells to a therapeutic level without the trauma caused by bone marrow apheresis.

The bioreactor was developed for growing cell cultures in simulated weightlessness using NASA research of microgravity. The sample, contained in a growth fluid, is placed in the rotating chamber. The cell cultures evolve three-dimensionally in the state of constant falling. Therefore they grow and function more like within the human body which is not possible in Petri dishes.

EHSI is planning to provide cultivated stem cells for the Celulas Genetica project aimed to develop new therapies including Rutherford Procedure for liver regeneration. During the procedure scar tissue is destroyed by high-energy proton beams. Also the patient's own cultured stem cells are transplanted to the liver through the bloodstream. It can help to regenerate a damaged organ into a healthy one.

EHSI and Celulas Genetica are going to start clinical trials of the Rutherford Procedure in China. The research might be impossible without the quantity and quality of adult stem cells cultivated in the Rotary Cell Culture System.