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A new method of stem cell injections in cosmetic surgery

Adult stem cells are being used in cosmetic surgery with the aim of increasing the effectiveness of the procedure of fat grafting. A doctor of cosmetic surgery from Dallas, Jeffrey Caruth, says stem cells help solve a problem that has plagued prior procedures.

A new method has already been used with the second patient in North Texas. Dr. Caruth stated the problem was connected with traditional fat grafting, when a volume of fat has been put into the face, the buttocks and then in a month or two there was significant volume loss due to death of the fat cells put in. The vice chairman of plastic surgery with UT Southwestern, Dr. Jeffrey Kenkel, stated that there was a great excitement about stem cells and it was very important to investigate how stem cells work to control them and use in the way needed.

Fat was used as a filler in plastic surgery for years. There was only problem - the fat was resorbed by the body.  A publication of Japanese researchers demonstrated how fat stem cells can be mixed in with the fat, and how the rate of resorption can be significantly diminished. The possibility of immunological reaction is absent, because the cells administered are the same cells of the body. Usually artificial filler injections last up to one year and regular fat graftings last from 3 to 5 years. The researches are sure that addition of stem cells will allow the grafts to maintain shape for up to 10 years.