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News about stem cells

Stem Cells Applied In a Spinal Cord Surgery to Treat a Paralyzed Man

23 July 2015

Following a ten-year research, surgeons from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have first implanted stem cell into a spinal column of a paralyzed patient during a spinal cord surgery.

Stem Cell Transplants Can Become More Available Thanks to a New Molecule

11 October 2014

Researchers from the Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer at the Université de Montréal have discovered a new molecule, the first of its kind, that helps multiply stem cells in a transplant of cord blood. T

Stem cells turned into different parts of the body in the lab

13 April 2014

Scientists from North London hospital grow ears, noses, and blood vessels in the laboratory from stem cells.

New approach to stem cell banking: stem cells created from a single blood drop

23 March 2014

Scientists have found a method to produce induced pluripotent stem cells from a single drop of blood obtained by fingerprick. The method is even more attractive as it lets donors to collect blood samples on their own.

The scientists have fixed the problem of embryonic stem cell rejection

20 January 2014

As UC San Diego-led study shows, one of the major problems of cell transplantation – stem cell rejection – might have been solved.

Drug-resistant tuberculosis could be cured with autologous bone marrow stem cells

10 January 2014

Aroud 450,000 people worldwide with forms of tuberculosis resistant to conventional treatment could benefit from autologous stem cell transplantation.

Australian scientists grew the first-in-the-world kidney from stem cells

23 December 2013

In a breakthrough study following years of research, for the first time ever, Australian scientists grew kidney from stem cells.

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