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Post Covid-19

Nowadays, there is no vaccination against SARS-CoV-2, no specific anti-viral therapy for COVID-19 exists.

The focus of this course of therapy using fetal stem cells (FSCs) is a restore for immune and pulmonary systems in patients following exposure to SARS-CoV-2 infection.

After exposure to viral infection, immune system of patients produced specific antibodies against certain strains of virus and supplied definite protection from repeated invasion. However, viral aggression results in exhaustion of all strands of immunity, often with inadequate immune response presented as autoagression that makes human organism susceptible to infecting with the other causative agents and overtime causing appearance of autoimmune diseases.  FSCs quickly regenerate numbers and activity of immunocompetent cells, including reconciled functions of them, reducing autoagression etc.

Therefore, FSCs treatment effects the patient’s immune system in the following ways:

  1. increases blood counts of monocytes and macrophages – resulting in higher phagocytosis – “digestion” of foreign microorganisms or particles.
  2. stimulates auxiliary cells functioning (mast cells, basophiles, eosinophils, platelets) in connective tissues and mucous membranes which participate in regulation of inflammatory reaction. Therapy intensifies secretion of biochemical mediators which participate in protection from infections, and also playing important role in allergy reactions.
  3. enhances activity of natural killers – white blood cells of lymphocytes group which attack and kill infected cells by virus.
  4. increases effectiveness of cellular and humoral immunity by means of higher number of T- and B-lymphocytes.
  5. improves immunology memory – capacity of immune system to react faster and effectively to antigen, the human organism had been preliminarily in contact with.

One of the most severe and remote complications after COVID-19 is a damage of lungs tissue with developing pulmonary fibrosis – pathological overgrowth of connective scar tissue between lungs alveoli and blood vessels, as well as replacement of functional tissues of the lungs with it.  

Due to that, oxygen supply to blood vessels is deteriorated, lungs become much rough and breathing is shallow and frequent.

Administration of FSCs contributes to restoration of superficial epithelial layer of alveoli, small blood vessels, helps to inhibit overgrowth of hypertrophic pathological connective tissue, facilitating restoration of gaseous metabolism, production of lung surfactant and capacity to local immune protection etc.

Breathing can gradually recover, breathlessness is reduced in patients, dry cough regresses and physical activity of such affected individuals can be renewed.     

We offer both 2 and 3 days course of therapy for such patients, depending on their condition. Established schemes of therapy by use of fetal stem cells maximally restore regenerative potential of human organism.

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