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News and articles about Parkinson Treatment

Parthenogenetic Stem Cells Will Be Used for Parkinson’s Disease Therapy

18 July 2015

International Stem Cell Corporation from California will soon launch a clinical study of a novel treatment option for Parkinson’s disease with the use of pluripotent parthenogenetic stem cells.

Fetal Cell Transplantation Shows Promise for Parkinson's

11 October 2014

Researchers from Harvard Stem Cell Institute have found that transplanted cells can properly function for up to 14 years.

Japanese researchers take aim to treat Parkinson's with stem cells

09 March 2014

Japanese researchers from Kyoto University aim to conduct clinical research on a possible therapy for Parkinson's disease involving transplantation of induced pluripotent stem cells.

Stem cells for Parkinson's will be tested in clinic

15 December 2013

Eight patients suffering from Parkinson’s will try to get cure from the disease with their own stem cells next year.

New Technique Could Treat Parkinson’s Using Patient’s Own Brain Cells

30 September 2013

In a promising new study published in Stem Cell Reports, scientists at Kyoto University in Japan say they've developed a stem cell technique that might one day lead to treatments for Parkinson’s disease.

Stem cell transplant boosts function slightly in Parkinson's monkeys

08 December 2012

In a small but hopeful step for researchers working on therapies to treat Parkinson’s disease, a team in Japan has used stem cells harvested from bone marrow to restore function in monkeys with the debilitating condition.

Injecting Stem Cell Into The Brain Reduces Parkinson's Symptoms in Monkeys

24 March 2012

Human embryonic stem cells transplanted into the monkey brain reduced suffering in animals with Parkinson's disease-like symptoms, the study by researchers from Kyoto University in Japan demonstrates.

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