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Treatment of the patient with Stargardt’s disease at EmCell сlinic

Patient O., born in 1984, reports vision loss from the age of 10-11. She has been followed up at V.P. Filatov National Research and Development Institute for Eye Diseases and Tissue Therapy since the age of 12 for macular dystrophy of both eyes and partial optic nerve atrophy.

Hospitalization from 30.08.96 until 17.09.96.
On admission: visus OD – 0.07-0.08, diaphragm – 0.14; visus OS – 0.07-0.08, diaphragm – 0.14. Both eyes: no sign of irritation, crystalline lens – clear, minor signs of destruction in the vitreous body.
Fundus: moderate dystrophy of the macular, optic disc pallor.
Treatment: laser stimulation, phosphene stimulation in combination with vitamins B2, B6, plasmol, actovegin. Visus OU with diaphragm after the treatment – 0.17-0.20.

In March 1997, the treatment was repeated. Visus OU – 0.10 (uncorrected) and 0.14 (corrected).
Both eyes: no sign of irritation, optic media – clear, pupil is enlarged with medications.
Fundus: some decolorization of optic disk, macular degeneration with metallic shade.
Treatment: stimulation, vitamins, plasmol, actovegin, sonic phoresis of the retina with Encadum, phosphene stimulation. Visual acuity remained unchanged after the treatment.

August 1999 – the patient can see letters, September 2000 – unable to read. Visus OD – 0.04 (not correctable), OS – 0.05 (not correctable). Position and range of motions of the eyes are within normal limits. Convergence – weakened. OD – absolute scotoma. Anterior segment OU – normal, refraction media – clear.
Fundus: peripheral part and arteries are normal. Large number of small merged foci with pigmentation in the central part of the retina, fixation – above the macula.
Treatment: conventional medicines and physical therapy.

This patient has been followed up at EmCell сlinic since November 2000.
Examination on admission: visus OD – 0.05 (not correctable), OS – 0.05 (not correctable). Visual field: peripheral borders are unchanged. 5º central scotoma.
Fundus OU: optic discs have normal borders, pale pink. Decolorization of the temporal part of optic disks. Arteries are narrowed. Pigment epithelium atrophy lesions shaped like horizontal ovals and sizing up to 1 D in the macula. Changes are the same in both eyes.

Diagnosis: Stargardt’s disease. Partial optic nerve atrophy OU. Mild myopia OU. Complex myopic astigmatism OU.

November 2000 – I cell therapy course: transplantation of 2.2 ml of fetal stem cell suspension via drip-feed IV followed by transplantation of 0.6 ml of the same sample on the next day.

March 2001 – II cell therapy: subcutaneous implantation of 1.4 ml of the same sample.

November 2001: No further deterioration reported. According to the patient, the colors have become brighter. III cell therapy course: subcutaneous implantation of 1.4 ml of the same sample.

July 2002: Marked improvements reported: differentiates between some colors, sees shapes more clearly. She graduated from high school and plans to continue her education.

January 2003 – IV cell therapy course: transplantation of 2.0 ml of fetal stem cell suspension via drip-feed IV.

Fetal stem cells treatment results depend on: disease's severity, age of the patient, adherence for the medications and regime. Treatment results, presented on this site, are individual for each clinical case.