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Grant for further research and clinical trials in muscular dystrophy

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) gave a grant in the amount of $7 million which will assist researchers in the Children's hospital of Nationwide to find new scientific choices and technological developments for treatment of the muscular dystrophies.
The grant defines Nationwide Children's Hospital as a Paul D. Wellstone Cooperative Research Center for treatment of Muscular Dystrophy. It is one recipient from three national award in 2010.

The prize will help to find and determinegrant is aimed to promote therapeutic strategies that have will shown a promise in on animal models of animals of muscular dystrophy. Both Researchers include further laboratory researchstudy in the laboratory also asand clinical trials aiming to slow the muscular dystrophy progress are supportedprocedures to assess efficiency in patients. These procedures include replacing defective genes which are defective and responsible for muscular dystrophy on with healthy genes. Other procedure, usinges substitute or surrogate genes for restoring function of muscles, or. A third procedure is in repairing gene function of gene with usage of special designed medications. All the studies have the aim to slow the progress of such disease as muscular dystrophy. The MDCRC grant will allow Nationwide Children's researchers to develop methods further and overcome immune barriers for correction of genes responsible for Muscular muscular Ddystrophy (MD). Director of Center for Gene Therapy Jerry Mendell and Chris Walker director of Vaccine and Immunity Center cooperate with the new center for effective treatment of Muscular Dystrophy .