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Patient V.S., Serbia

Patient: V.S.
Age: 6
Gender: Male
Diagnosis: Autism
Country: Serbia
Date of the treatment: Nov.21-22, 2011

After the treatment of V.S. at our clinic, the parents of the patient wrote us a letter, as presented below.

My son took a suitcase yesterday and of course I have started a communication with him regarding his “trip”; he is traveling to Florida.

You must be very anxious to know how your “EmCells” patients are doing. In that regard I will write a short summary of my impressions and observations of his progress.
Just to remind you that the intervention was performed on or about November 24.

I would like to spotlight his intellectual abilities that are increased, focused, he will respond and understand absolutely everything that I ask him to do, assist me or if I insist on his patience and tolerance. He will no longer produce sounds like an angry spoiled kid, because he is AWARE that he will get nothing before he verbalizes his need. Also he knows what situations can provoke that he gets grounded and he avoids them. He started to anticipate; he tries to behave and do things in order to satisfy his environment.

His memory improved; he started to remember names of the songs and singers; he is very explicit in choosing tv program, cartoons as well as music he listens; and now he enjoys the wording of the song, he understands. It’s not that before he was not able to understand but now he is interested in the scenario of some music clip; he mentions and differ the emotion; he dance in a rhythm of a song (before, he was like a beast whenever I tried to show him how to dance), now he enjoys it.

Communication with other kids in the kindergarten or park is much better, very articulate, again, with lots of anticipation. He gets to know the social rules, how you treat people you know and you don’t know; he is trying to be kind and polite all the time (with all this phrases good afternoon, how are you, thank you), he will immediately answer what is his name and how old is he how many brothers he has and his names. He knew all this information before also, but it was somewhere deep in his mind and memory and usually it would take some time and effort to get it from him. He openly shows effort and willingness to participate and be useful, and to get all the best critics and reactions from us.

Generally, I feel much better, more relaxed and I’m not afraid of some unpredicted reactions and situations.

Honestly speaking, I was avoiding to spend time with him alone (prior to stem cells), always with the same reason what if he starts to “misbehave”…..No, not any more, I’m happy, I’m proud and I can pompously say that I have a special and very unique relationship with my son that I enjoy more than anything.