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Improvements in patient N.G.G. after stem cell treatment

Patient: N.G.G.
Gender: Female
Age: 10
Country: Australia
Diagnosis: Autism
Date of treatment: October 28-29, 2014

G. is improving with her learning skills and concentration and speech and we are hoping to see more as she continues with the special needs help she receives at school. We are able to do some homework this year which was not possible last year.

Her speech is also improving with longer sentences and structures  and appropriate responses when asked for information. We are still hoping for further improvement in being able to give more information to us in speech. Her desire to read and cooperate with school work has increased in the last 6 weeks at least, bearing in mind that the school year began at the start of February this year. The speech therapist has given positive feedback with her last 4 sessions in the area of participation and completion of  the necessary skills that she is given.

G. is now on the longer lasting(slow release) tablet of Ritalin 20mg in the morning which lasts for the school day and wears off when she comes home. Last year before the stem cell treatment G. was given 2 separate tablets of Ritalin 10mg each, one in the morning and the other midday which provided higher peaks in her response). This year, after treatment, the longer lasting Ritalin tablet appears to be sufficient even though before the stem cell treatment it wasn't. There continues to be some side effects with the sleeping patterns as she is still alert by 10pm at night.We do not give her Ritalin in the weekend or holidays. My hope is to eventually be able to take her off the Ritalin for school.

I hope to provide more details with G.'s progress in the near future.