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Patient K.S., Sweden

Patient: K.S.
Age: 6
Gander: Male
Country: Sweden
Diagnosis: Autism
Treatment dates: April 4-5, 2012

Two days after the stem cell treatment at EmCell, the patient's parents wrote us the following letter:

Hello to everyone at EmCell,

Thank you for your mail. We are all well.

The day after K. last treatment he was very hyperactive. He was constantly running and jumping up and down. He was making a repetitive moaning noise while exhaling loudly. We could not stop him and took him for walks and let him bath a lot to try and calm him down.

That same night he had facial tics. His right eye was twitching frequently and when he went to sleep his body was twitching a lot.

The trip home was better then we expected. K. was OK on the plane but did not like waiting at the airport in Amsterdam. He wanted to board the next plane straight away and when he couldn't, he panicked and laid on the floor for forty minutes. He was very good on the last flight though and knew he was going home.

Since we came home, K. has become calmer and calmer. No more facial tics (that was only on the last day of treatment) and he is not twitching a lot when falling asleep. Actually, instead of small shallow breaths he is taking deep breaths through the nose when sleeping.

We are still struggling with constipation. He seems to be trying to hold it in instead of passing a bowel movement. He only does small pebble like movements and I'm giving him everything I can think of to get him to go frequently. I give extra magnesium, vitamin C and plenty of liquids.

K. has been much more patient. We went to see friends two days after coming home and he was a good boy and we stayed 5 hours which is a very long time for K.. In the car (the trip was an hour) he was so alert and interested in the surroundings instead of playing nintendo. In his face I can see just how much more alert he is.

Also this morning was his first day back at school. He normally is very impatient, cannot wait and puts his jacket/hat on and goes straight to the gate a half hour early! This morning there was none of that. He waited with no problem with anything, got dressed nicely and went out when his Pappa and sister went out.

The best news is that K. is talking constantly! He is saying words all the time! Even when he goes to the toilet, he stands there and says about 15 words! He also wants confirmation from me that I understand him and points to me as if to say "your turn to say the word". He's also saying the words in both languages to show me that he knows them in both Swedish and English. There are lots of new words too and sometimes he puts two words together. He is also showing me that he's not just saying words, he understands what they mean. For example: he plays a Halloween puzzle game on his Ipad and he'll do a puzzle of a ghost and then go and get a white sheet and hold it up and say "ghost". He's do a puzzle of the skeleton and then go and get his Halloween costume that is a jumpsuit of a skeleton and put that on and say "skeleton". He'll name everything he can in the fridge, tomatoes, carrots, potatoes, lemons, apples, cheese etc..... And when we were at our friends' house, he made contact with them and named everything in their fruit bowl. This is great seeings he has not met these people for over two years.

So we are very happy that we are already seeing improvements! We know this is the time to put in a lot of effort at home and also be particular with his diet. He is going to a fantastic school, he gets one to one training 6 hours a day by excellent teachers that are well educated and it will be interesting to see what they say (of course they don't know anything).

We would again like to thank the wonderful doctors at EmCell who were very professional/informative and also Irena (a very good translator). Also thank you kindly for taking care of my respiratory infection. I am completely well now.

We will keep in touch and let you know how things go. We are very hopeful given the changes we've already seen.

Best regards,
L. S.

Two months after K.S. had been treated in our clinic, his parents wrote us the following letter:

Dear Valentina,

It's been eight weeks since K. had stem cell treatment and we are thrilled to see so many changes taking place. K. has been through a big growth spurt and is looking really healthy. He's so alert and even better he's really happy. He's been smiling and laughing a lot. He is a lot calmer! This is huge for us because we were struggling to control his aggression before stem cells but now it's nothing for him to come home from school and play nicely. He's entertaining himself and he can focus on one activity instead of being wired and running all over the place.

The best part though is the improvement in speech! Prior to the therapy he was saying little words (he had about a 50 word vocabulary) but now he talks constantly and his vocabulary has expanded so much that I can't begin to guess how many words he knows. He also thinks it's fun to say the words in both languages. Some times he'll say three or more words together and now he has begun to express what he's thinking. For example he turned around and pointed up the stairs and told me "Grandma's sleeping" . Other little things are coming like saying "hi" to someone when they walk in the room and saying "thank you" to me which is so nice. Anyway, he's really telling me what he wants and what he wants to do, it's fantastic.

The school are also very happy with his progress and his teachers say they love to work with him because they are getting so much back from him. It's so nice to hear.

Sleep is also a major improvement. I am so happy to report he's sleeping all night and I've gone from exhausted, to one very happy mum.

K. is still autistic and goes to a special school but I have to say that we were desperate a few months ago to control him and for me, I was pretty much at breaking point. Now, it's so different. Stem cells have helped K. in many ways but the points I listed above are huge for us. Getting sleep, going from severe aggression to almost no aggression, and the speech....wow! I cannot describe what a difference this treatment is making to our family and how grateful we are. We are actually having some fun times together as a family. We are now looking forward to the future and are prepared to do the treatment again if that is what you recommend.

Thank you again, we will be in touch,


Ten months after the stem cell treatment, he mother of the patient wrote us the following:

Hi Valentina,

Thank you for your mail. We are all well.

K. is doing well too. Ten months post stem cells and the improvements we have seen still remain.
K. sleeps through the night and this alone helps our family to function better. I am not exhausted like I was in the past and I have been able to go back to work again. K. is calmer and the horrible outbursts have gone. If he gets angry now I can reason with him which is so wonderful.

The school have given us wonderful reports over the past months and say that his progress is really amazing. He has shown us that he understands the alphabet in two languages and he can even spell words. One morning when I woke him up he spelled clearly the word "motorcyle" (he loves motorbikes and had a plastic one in his hand). He has spelled lots of words since then.

K. can say small sentences too now in two languages. They are not perfect sentences but they are coming and it's far from the 50 word vocabulary he had before stem cells.

K. is also a happy boy and we have sat and listened to our children laughing and playing. K. is so "with it" and shows so much understanding, it's such a relief.

I have probably forgotten a lot of things and this is just a quick mail but life is much better here and we are planning to consult with Dr Bradstreet and do stem cells again. We still have a long way to go with K. He was very severe but he has shown improvements in so many areas so we would like to do the treatment again.

In the mean time K. is in a great school and I'm doing everything I can for him at home with diet and activity.

The only negative thing is that we have noticed that K. has begun squinting with his left eye again but he's not twitching severely like he was 10 months ago.

OK, Valentina, that's all from us. It would be very nice to hear what the doctors say about K.'s progress. In any case, please thank them again from us and let them know just how happy we are with K.'s progress.

We hope to see you in the near future.

All the best,

L. S.