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Improvements in patient C.J.M. after stem cell treatment

Patient: C.J.M.
Gender: M
Age: 7
Country: Great Britain
Diagnosis: Autism 
Dates of treatment: July 11-12, 2014

Thank you for the e-mail regarding C.’s progress, we have completed the forms. And have attached three short videos for the doctors to see the progress C. has made! We believe there has been progress in five main areas:

  1. Speech: his receptive language has accelerated and he is able to follow instructions immediately and independently. His expressive language is picking up considerably and he has said many new words we have never heard before, and he is joining words together regularly to make short sentences.
  2. He is trying new foods and his diet is slowly improving.
  3. He has a moderate success with toileting half a dozen times since treatment, and is more keen to sit on toilet
  4. He has started dressing himself.
  5. At school, he is now taking part in formalised learning activities and has made considerable academic progress in a very short space of time. He had his first reading book home the other week, has gone from no numbers to matching numbers to 20, writing his name with magnetic letters, lining up with his class and eating in the lunch hall. He never did any of this before.

Thank you once again!


Update on February 17, 2015:

Our seven-year old non-verbal son had stem cell treatment 7 months ago. Before treatment he had very little speech, didn’t respond to his name, was not toilet trained and still wore nappies, had a very restricted diet and had continual repetitive body rocking/stimulation movements with minimal interaction with his brother/sister or wider family.

Since he has had his treatment he has taken huge leaps forward: he is now toilet-trained during the day and wearing pants not nappies, he is waving and giving lots of direct eye contact. He is repeating sounds, words and attempting words much more frequently, and we have even had a 12 word sentence! He is trying new textures and foods, he is waving on request, he is following commands, dressing and undressing and toileting himself. His receptive language has accelerated considerably and there has been a huge uptake in his spoken language. Furthermore, in the space of just six weeks, he has caught on an entire academic year’s worth of learning from being at pre-school level to now being able to read, recognize, count (with objects) and order numbers 0-20, identify colours, read three letter words all by matching. For us as parents we truly believe C.’s stem cell treatment has given him significant developmental gain he wouldn’t have had if he had not treatment.

We found the staff and the clinic both professional and caring and have no hesitation returning for further treatment.


Update on July 29, 2015:

C. has started speaking! We have immediate echolalia and spontaneous speech we have had over 150 words in a week from C.

His doctors have confirmed this, it has come 1 year to the day of his stem cells. Please let his doctors in Kyiv know.

The miracle has happened! We are delighted, my boy’s voice is unlocked and the words keep coming.

He is saying 2-3 word sentences back! Unbelievable! His speech therapist burst into tears.

We feel like we have won the lottery. To have virtually have no speech to 81 words in four days we are understandably delighted.