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Stem Cells as an Anti-Aging Strategy: New Details behind Their Regenerative Properties

Stem cells help slow down degeneration observed during aging which is caused by the inflammatory response – a new research by DaVinci Biosciences LLC suggests. The results of the research have been recently published in the journal Cell & Tissue Transplantation & Therapy.

For many years medicine has been striving to prolong life spans and reverse the aging process, as well as prevent age-related degenerative diseases and conditions such as heart disease, physical disability and cognitive decline. With the use of stem cells, this becomes more than ever feasible, as stem cells have anti-inflammatory properties that may help slow down or prevent development of degenerative conditions.

It has been proven that inflammation is a key mediator in age-related diseases. The authors have found out that there are 3 key inflammation mediators by monitoring which they can predict morbidity and mortality in their patients. Stem cells, in particular, mesenchymal ones, may help control these 3 mediators and thus inhibit the degeneration caused by the inflammation during aging. This justifies the use of stem cells as anti-aging strategies.

DaVinci Biosciences, LLC, is a company headquartered in Yorba Linda, California, which is engaged in cellular biology developments and is committed to improving the quality of life for those suffering from degenerative diseases and injury. DaVinci Biosciences hopes this publication will draw more attention to the use of stem cells for anti-aging purposes.