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News about Anti-Aging Treatment

Stem Cells as an Anti-Aging Strategy: New Details behind Their Regenerative Properties

15 July 2015

Stem cells help slow down degeneration observed during aging which is caused by the inflammatory response – a new research by DaVinci Biosciences LLC suggests.

Researchers Discover the Reasons for Reduced Muscle Repair as We Age

29 October 2014

Scientists from the Ottawa Hospital Research Institute and University of Ottawa have found the mechanisms behind our skeletal muscle decline.

Rejuvenated stem cells can help restore muscles in elderly

17 March 2014

As we ge, our muscles not only get weaker, but also lose their ability to restore after strain or injury. Behind this process are stem cells that no more work as ‘prescribed’ – a new study tells.

Fat stem cells can facilitate face reconstruction

02 March 2014

UK researchers are evaluating the stem cell efficacy in facial reconstruction

Stem cells may cure baldness?

09 February 2014

Scientists have found way to convert adult human stem cells into epithelial stem cells which may bring forward wound healing, cosmetics, and hair regeneration.

Stem Cells to Relieve Low Back Pain?

14 April 2013

Medical researchers hope that harvesting and then re-injecting the body's own bone marrow -- which is rich in stem cells -- may repair worn-out discs in the spine.

Researchers’ strategy may help rejuvenate aging muscle tissue

30 September 2012

A new study describes the mechanism behind impaired muscle repair during aging and a strategy that may help rejuvenate aging tissue by manipulating the environment in which muscle stem cells reside.

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