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Feedback by a patient after stem cell treatment

Patient: Q.N.M.
Gender: Female
Age: 51
Country: Great Britain
Diagnosis: Osteoarthrosis of both knee joints, post-traumatic arthrosis of the metatarsal joints of the left foot, with grade 0-I functional insufficiency of the joints.
Dates of treatment: May 21-22, 2016

Letter from November 28, 2016:

I came and had treatment this year in may with my husband.

In the last few mounths I have had a good outcome.
1. My eye problem is much better. I am not using my eye gel anymore. I get a good night sleep now. I had a problem which is simpiler to dry eye put related to my menapourse. So basically I don't have those symptoms anymore.
2. My periods are every 6 weeks now compared to every 3 weeks. I don't suffer any menapoure symptoms anymore. I don't even notice that I have started my period. This has never happened to me in my entire life. I have always suffered immense pain and being tired. I definitely feel good, happy and have a lot of energy.
3. I want to do things now.
4. I have no joint pains and where my foot was broken I have no pain. I can wear high heels all day long. It's been cold here and I still have no pain of any kind. I have totally forgot that my foot was broken.
5. My hair has grown quite long and stronger.
6. My weight is the same although I feel a lot better.
I am going to have my bloods done in the next few weeks and will let you know the results.
I feel I am improving all the time.
7. So overall I am happy with my results. I feel better, happier, have a lot more energy. I have no pain. I get a good sleep, wake up earlier. And I do not feel like I am a menaporsel woman any more, mainly because I don't have the symptoms anymore.

I am on no medication, I only take vitamins.

Update on January 27, 2017:

My pmt symptoms have all gone and my eyes are 90 percent better. I don't use any ointment anymore and I have no symptoms of starting my periods while before they where very painful and tiring and larthargic. I used to have all the other symptoms - I actually have none now. I can’t believe it! I don't even know when I have started my period. In my entire life this has never happened.

I have a lot of energy and am very happy and positive. And everyone thinks I look good. I always get compliments about my looks, and it is good to get them at the age of 51. I would say stem cell therapy worked well for my menopause because I don't feel menopaurse anymore. And my mental health is so good I'm so happy. Also I feel good, I sleep better. Thank you!