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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What stem cells are used in your clinic (adult stem cells, bone marrow stem cells, cord blood stem cells, fetal stem cells)?
2. What is the advantage of fetal stem cells in comparison with other types of stem cells (adult, cord blood, animal cells)?
3. Are there adverse side effects related to FSC treatment?
4. How long does the treatment last?
5. How is the treatment performed?
6. How many days does the patient need to stay at the clinic after the treatment (rehabilitation period)?
7. Is this in- or outpatient treatment?
8. Can the treatment result in teratomas or other tumors?
9. How soon is it possible to see the effect of treatment?
10. Are there stem cells in an adult body?
11. What are the differences between fetal and adult stem cells?
12. How are fetal stem cells different from cord blood cells?
13. Are there contraindications?
14. Do you have a clinic and provide treatment in any other country, apart from Ukraine, for example, in Mexico, China, Thailand, etc.?
15. How is it possible to pay for the treatment?
16. What is the price of the treatment?