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News about Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Stem Cells Appear Safe and Promising for Multiple Sclerosis Patients 11 October 2014

Multiple sclerosis therapy that uses mesenchymal stem cells proves so far safe and not having adverse side effects, international Mesems project says.

Stem cell therapies show promise for multiple sclerosis 21 October 2013

UK scientists are about to launch a trial in which bone marrow stem cells will be used for multiple sclerosis treatment.

Scientists 'Spike' Stem Cells to Generate Myelin 02 September 2013

Stem cell technology has long offered the hope of regenerating tissue to repair broken or damaged neural tissue.

Groundbreaking multiple sclerosis stem cell trial approved 25 August 2013

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved a new clinical trial of a groundbreaking strategy using stem cells for the treatment of MS (multiple sclerosis).

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Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Multiple sclerosis belongs to the prevailing neurological disorders affecting young and middle-aged people. There are about 2 million people suffering from multiple sclerosis worldwide. The disease usually occurs at the age of thirty and more often affects females. Most often multiple sclerosis develops in Caucasians living in the moderate climate. This disease ranks number three among the most debilitating illnesses after injuries and rheumatologic diseases in the reproductive period.
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Multiple sclerosis treatment with stem cells

Cell Therapy Center EmCell offers stem cell therapy for multiple sclerosis. Multiple sclerosis treatment with fetal stem cells results in the pronounced positive effect in all cases. The most successful results of the therapy are reported in patients with relapsing-remitting multiple sclerosis (successful rate up to 90%) but in other types of multiple sclerosis patients also report improvement of their condition (successful rate up to 59%).

The goal of multiple sclerosis treatment is to interrupt the immune aggression against patient’s own nervous system in order to eliminate the main mechanism of disease development. Fetal stem cell transplantation stops disease progression and leads to regression of the neurological symptoms. No relapses were reported during the follow-up period (up to 5 years after the treatment).

Effects of multiple sclerosis treatment with fetal stem cells

Multiple Sclerosis TreatmentStem cell treatment of multiple sclerosis leads to rapid improvement of patient’s psycho-emotional condition, while neurological effects develop within a long period of time. Most patients (93%) showed syndrome of early posttransplantation improvements. The syndrome manifests in the decrease of weakness, appearance of vivacity, improvement of appetite and mood. Moreover, a part of patients (63% cases) report deeper psychosomatic changes, such as decreased depression, phobias, anxiety about the future, more confidence in their recovery, better work capacity, improved ability to concentrate their attention (this leads, for example, to better results of professional and training activities).

Within a year after the treatment, many multiple sclerosis patients report restoration of the eyesight, improvement of the mental capacity and emotional sphere, disappearance of depression. Such disorders as motor and speech disturbances, disturbances of the gastrointestinal tract and dysfunction of the pelvic organs also retreat but require more time, and such patients need to repeat the multiple sclerosis treatment (about 72%).

Patients with primary progressive multiple sclerosis report stop of the disease progression in 3–6 months after the fetal stem cell transplantation.

Restoration of the nervous system is a prolonged process and requires patience. Over the first year of stem cell therapy, patients should undergo 1 to 3 treatment courses and one more treatment course in 1–2 years to maintain the achieved results. The course of multiple sclerosis treatment at Cell Therapy Center EmCell, as a rule, lasts for 2 days.


Fetal Stem Cells in Multiple Sclerosis. Poster session.
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Results of fetal stem cell treatment of multiple sclerosis

Subtypes of multiple sclerosis
Treatment of patients with remitting-relapsing multiple sclerosis
Treatment of patients with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis
Treatment of patients with primary progressive multiple sclerosis
Dynamics of neurological symptoms in 18 multiple sclerosis cases after the stem cell therapy

Medical case reports

The first course of multiple sclerosis treatment in patient D.C.
The second course of multiple sclerosis treatment in patient D.C.
The third course of multiple sclerosis treatment in patient D.C.

Patients' feedback

The patient's H. feedback after the second course of stem cell treatment
The feedback of the patient V.A. after the course of stem cell treatment of multiple sclerosis
Testimonial of the patient H.R. after the stem cell treatment of multiple sclerosis, emphysema, and pulmonary insufficiency
Testimonial of L.N. after the first course of stem cell treatment
Testimonial of R.W. after the stem cell treatment at EmCell clinic
Feedback of the patient with multiple sclerosis after stem cell treatment

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