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News about Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Ongoing Research on Stem Cell Use for Multiple Sclerosis Patients 31 July 2015

Researchers announced start of a new clinical trial in Winnipeg, Canada, and its surroundings that will focus on application of autologous mesenchymal stem cells for multiple sclerosis treatment.

Stem Cells Appear Safe and Promising for Multiple Sclerosis Patients 11 October 2014

Multiple sclerosis therapy that uses mesenchymal stem cells proves so far safe and not having adverse side effects, international Mesems project says.

Stem cell therapies show promise for multiple sclerosis 21 October 2013

UK scientists are about to launch a trial in which bone marrow stem cells will be used for multiple sclerosis treatment.

Scientists 'Spike' Stem Cells to Generate Myelin 02 September 2013

Stem cell technology has long offered the hope of regenerating tissue to repair broken or damaged neural tissue.

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Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Cell Therapy Center EmCell offers multiple sclerosis (MS) treatment using fetal stem cells, with improvements reported in most cases. The goal of MS treatment is to terminate autoimmune aggression, that is, the internal attack against patient’s own nervous system, by disrupting the main mechanism of the disease. This, in turn, leads to the subsiding or even regression of neurological symptoms.

With MS, fetal stem cells have 2 major functions:

  • prevention of nerve cell damage: Stem cells are able to help reduce or even prevent damage caused to nerve cells. This process is called “neuroprotection.
  • repair of damaged myelin: In MS, the protective myelin layer surrounding nerve fibers is damaged by the person’s own immune system. Specialized stem cells in the brain can generate myelin-producing cells, which facilitates the repair of myelin. This process is known as “remyelination.

Multiple Sclerosis Treatment

Over the last 21 years, Cell Therapy Center EmCell has treated some 200 patients with different forms of MS and achieved improvements in 85% of cases.

After stem cell treatment, our patients report a number of improvements:

  • stabilized condition and the course of the disease alleviated;
  • shorter exacerbation period and longer remissions;
  • less spasticity in the extremities;
  • better gait, coordination and balance;
  • improved speech;
  • psychoemotional and cognitive improvements;
  • boosted immune system;
  • improved functioning in the heart, kidneys, liver and bowel;
  • better quality of life;
  • a chance to return to work if treatment is during the early stages of MS.

Restoring the nervous system takes time and requires patience. A customized and integrated MS treatment at Cell Therapy Center EmCell lasts 5 days.

Fetal Stem Cells in Multiple Sclerosis. Poster session.

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Results of fetal stem cell treatment of multiple sclerosis

Subtypes of multiple sclerosis
Treatment of patients with remitting-relapsing multiple sclerosis
Treatment of patients with secondary progressive multiple sclerosis
Treatment of patients with primary progressive multiple sclerosis
Dynamics of neurological symptoms in 18 multiple sclerosis cases after the stem cell therapy

Medical case reports

The first course of multiple sclerosis treatment in patient D.C.
The second course of multiple sclerosis treatment in patient D.C.
The third course of multiple sclerosis treatment in patient D.C.

Patients' feedback

The patient's H. feedback after the second course of stem cell treatment
The feedback of the patient V.A. after the course of stem cell treatment of multiple sclerosis
Testimonial of L.N. after the first course of stem cell treatment
Feedback of the patient with multiple sclerosis after stem cell treatment

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