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News and articles on encephalopathy

What is the treatment for encephalopathy? 02 September 2012

Treatment of encephalopathy varies with the primary cause of the symptoms; consequently, not all cases of encephalopathy are treated the same.

Encephalopathy Symptoms 15 August 2012

Encephalopathy describes abnormal brain function due to problems with the brain tissue. Symptoms of encephalopathy can be generalized causing decreased level of consciousness from minimal lethargy to coma.

Causes of encephalopathy 09 July 2012

Although numerous causes of encephalopathy are known, the majority of cases arise from several major categories.

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Idiopathic Encephalopathy

Cell Therapy Center EmCell offers treatment with stem cells for idiopathic encephalopathy. The effect of stem cells being implanted is aimed at restoring nervous connections and microcirculation in the brain, normalizing function of the blood-brain barrier, and halting autoimmune aggression against own brain cells. In patients with idiopathic encephalopathy who underwent treatment with stem cells, improvement of perception, emotional status, gait, speech, and attention concentration is observed.

Duration of treatment course for idiopathic encephalopathy at Cell Therapy Center EmCell, as a rule, totals 2 days.

Medical case records

First course of treatment for idiopathic encephalopathy in patient J.S.M.
Second course of treatment for idiopathic encephalopathy in patient J.S.M.
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