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News about Diabetes Treatment

Type 2 Diabetes Could Be Treated With Stem Cells 26 July 2015

Allogeneic bone-marrow–derived mesenchymal stem cells may prove to be an effective treatment for type 2 diabetes, a new pilot study suggests.

Researchers are a step closer to produce beta-cells from stem cells 11 October 2014

The researchers from University of British Columbia, Canada, have found a new quicker way to develop insulin producing beta cells from stem cells.

Egyptian researchers make a step closer to diabetes stem cell treatment 18 November 2013

An Egyptian team of researchers in their attempt to develop stem cell treatment for diabetes produced insulin producing cells from stem cells in diabetic mice.

Miniature pancreas is grown from stem cells 28 October 2013

The researchers were working with mice cells, but they hope that the method may be developed in the future to give cure for diabetes to the humans.

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Diabetes Treatment

Stem Cell Therapy Center EmCell offers a new, advanced, patented fetal stem cell transplant-based method for diabetes mellitus that has proved effective in treating for both types 1 and 2 diabetes, and in preventing diabetes-related complications, which usually affect the eyes, arteries, kidneys and so on.

In combination with traditional treatment of type 1 diabetes, fetal stem cells (FSC) can help:

  • end the auto-aggression of cell-mediated immunity factors against β-cells;
  • prevent the destruction of β-cells that are functional at the time of the treatment;
  • restore the patient’s own β-cells and improve their functional capacity;
  • prevent diabetes-related complications affecting eyes, kidneys, peripheral nerves, and so on;
  • improve insulin-dependent tissue condition.

In type 2 treatment, fetal stem cells can help:

  • restore peripheral tissue sensitivity to insulin;
  • reduce atherogenic hyperinsulinemia;
  • decrease the production of glucose and pathologic lipids by liver cells;
  • improve the condition of arterial walls, which is vital for the prevention of atherosclerosis and complications arising from it;
  • reduce the dose of hypoglycemic medications.

Since 1994, EmCell has treated more than 750 diabetic patients 65% of whom reported a number of improvements:

  • stabilized carbohydrate metabolism, resulting in more stable blood sugar levels and a gradual decrease of HbA1C;
  • normalized blood counts;
  • longer periods of remission;
  • reduced severity and frequency of diabetes-related complications;
  • higher exercise power;
  • improved sexual capacity;
  • boosted immunity;
  • better overall life quality.

If recommendations are followed and the patient’s lifestyle is healthy, a gradual decrease in hypoglycemic medication doses is also possible. 

Diabetes Treatment for Children

Fetal stem cell therapy is one of the most effective treatments for type 1 diabetes mellitus in children and the only one that can slow down or temporarily terminate autoimmune aggression against pancreatic beta cells.  If treatment is started within 6-8 weeks after onset, it is possible to prolong “honeymoon” period, sometimes for a long period of time.    

In children, fetal stem cell therapy results in:

  • easier and better diabetes management
  • prevention of blood sugar fluctuations (no hyper- and hypoglycaemia that might cause complications at later stages) 
  • preservation of beta cell production by the pancreas (if treatment is started early after onset)
  • prevention of serious diabetes-related complication
  • immune boosting 
  • better overall health and general development 

Stem cell therapy is most effective at the early stages of diabetes. The main criterion for positive effects with diabetes is long-term management of the disease and the inhibition or prevention of complications.

Typically, diabetes treatment at Cell Therapy Center EmCell lasts 2 days.

If you would like to undergo diabetes mellitus treatment at our center, for preliminary analysis of your case, please, fill in the attached form and send it back to: infocenter@emcell.com

Diabetes Treatment

Fetal Stem Cell Transplantation in Metabolic Syndrome. Poster session.
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Fetal Stem Cells in Diabetic Nephropathy. Poster session.
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Fetal Stem Cell Transplantation in Diabetes Mellitus. Poster session.
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Medical case reports:

Treatment of type I diabetes mellitus in patient D.A.T.

Treatment of type I diabetes mellitus in patient P.I.N.

Treatment of type II diabetes mellitus, severe course

Treatment of type II diabetes mellitus, moderate course


Patient M.A., 49.  Advanced subcompensated diabetes mellitus, type 2

Patient Z., 57. Type 2 moderate subcompensated diabetes mellitus

Patient A., 54. Advanced decompensated type 2 diabetes mellitus. Ischemic heart disease

Patient J. Sch.-J., 49. Type I diabetes and diabetic neuropathy

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