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Stem cell news Stem cells turned into different parts of the body in the lab 13 April 2014

Scientists from North London hospital grow ears, noses, and blood vessels in the laboratory from stem cells.

Moderate exercise results in stem cell activation and muscle regeneration 06 April 2014

The scientists have proved once more the positive impact of exercises on the body. In addition to its effects on heart, weight, and overall health, moderate exercising helps to restore muscle mass which usually diminishes as we age.

Stem cells from baby teeth and autism treatment 30 March 2014

Dr. Alysson Muotri, the reseacher of UCSD, is devoted to finding cures from autism spectrum disorders. For that purpose, he organized collection of stem cells from milk teeth from both autistic and non-affected kids.

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Patient B.T., UAE

Patient: B.T.
Age: 7
Gender: Male
Diagnosis: Autism
Country: UAE
Treatment dates: Nov.21-23, 2011

After B.T. had been treated at the EmCell clinic, we received the following letter from his parents:

Our boy has been going through major changes since the stem cell treatment at the end of November. Within three weeks he added and retained seven words to his vocabulary, which is quite a feat considering he has only spoken and retained seven words in as many years. Because of his verbal dyspraxia, he has spoken more words over the years but would lose them immediately. We have also realized that he no longer pronounces the end sound of a word first, which was a constant prior to the therapy. He is blending multiple sounds moving towards proper pronunciation, something he greatly struggled with. In fact, the first multiple sound word he added was in the taxi ride home from the airport after returning from Kiev. He saw the petrol station with a car wash and suddenly pointed and said “wash”.

The last week or so his verbal growth has reached a plateau for the time being but major changes are still ongoing as he is obviously very displaced within himself, but in a positive sense. Lots of sensations going on in his mouth, his distended belly is now flat and almost defined, and has three regular movements a day. He seems to have found a new store of energy as he is more hyper than usual and we have a lot more stim running, but this has always been the norm when he goes through growth spurts and another confirmation that a lot of change is going on inside his little body.

His teacher and therapists all comment on the changes not just verbally but also on his attention and willingness to participate in activities, even when he obviously cannot be bothered. There is an obvious correlation between the decline of his listening and participation skills when he is experiencing major changes within himself but within a week or so he is back on form plus some.