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Stem cell news Sight Successfully Restored after Stem Cell Treatment 19 October 2014

People with macular degeneration had their eyesight improved after the stem cell transplantation as research by scientists from Massachusetts company Advanced Cell Technology shows.

Stem Cell Transplants Can Become More Available Thanks to a New Molecule 11 October 2014

Researchers from the Institute for Research in Immunology and Cancer at the Université de Montréal have discovered a new molecule, the first of its kind, that helps multiply stem cells in a transplant of cord blood. T

Placenta Stem Cells Confirm Safety and Show Promise for Multiple Sclerosis Patients 29 September 2014

The first ever study of treating multiple sclerosis with stem cells derived from placenta showed no safety issues and stability or improvement in the patients' condition.

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Patient D.S., USA

Pateint: D.S.
Gender: Male
Country: USA
Diagnosis: Encephalomalacia in the right temporal and parietal lobes with associated porencephaly of the right lateral ventricle. Autism. Phelan-McDermid Syndrome (22q13 deletion). Epileptiform potentials. S.p. right-sided temporal lobectomy (1994) and vagus nerve stimulator implantation (1994).
Treatment dates:April 2-3, 2012

After the treatment of D. at our clinic, his parents wrote a letter to our partner in the US, Dr Jeff Bradstreet, as cited below:

Hi Dr. Bradstreet!

This week (8 weeks post Kiev) has been the best so far! Each day this week has brought more improvements. We've decided that we definitely do want to take D. for a second treatment at EmCell. I believe you said you are taking your son Aaron back on Sept 3rd and 4th. That would actually be a very good time for us and we would love to come to EmCell while you are there.

How do we officially sign up for our second visit? Do we schedule it through you or do we contact EmCell directly?

Thank you so much for believing in D.'s potential! We feel so blessed that you included D. in this amazing medical journey!

D. and J.