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Stem cell news Stem cells turned into different parts of the body in the lab 13 April 2014

Scientists from North London hospital grow ears, noses, and blood vessels in the laboratory from stem cells.

Moderate exercise results in stem cell activation and muscle regeneration 06 April 2014

The scientists have proved once more the positive impact of exercises on the body. In addition to its effects on heart, weight, and overall health, moderate exercising helps to restore muscle mass which usually diminishes as we age.

Stem cells from baby teeth and autism treatment 30 March 2014

Dr. Alysson Muotri, the reseacher of UCSD, is devoted to finding cures from autism spectrum disorders. For that purpose, he organized collection of stem cells from milk teeth from both autistic and non-affected kids.

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Patient A.L., USA

Patient: A.L.
Age: 10
Gender: Male
Diagnosis: Autism. Joint hyperlaxity.
Country: USA
Treatment dates: Oct.24-26, 2011

The patient A.L. underwent stem cell treatment for autism in our clinic. After that, his parents wrote us a letter as follows:

I just left my son’s IEP (individual education plan) meeting with his school teachers and therapists. He had his stem cells at EmCell in October of 2011 and everyone of his school team said he has been a different child since late November. Honestly, they couldn’t stop themselves from raving about him. So, let me try to summarize some of what they are happy about. He greets people and children in his class spontaneously without prompting. He is making great eye contact where he had next to none before. He met his entire year’s IEP goals already and they needed to redo his goals and provide him more challenges. His reading comprehension is now often completely at age level. He is being social with other members of his class.