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Stem cell news Stem Cell Cure for Sickle Cell Anemia in Adults 16 September 2015

12 adult patients with sickle cell anemia were cured with stem cell transplant from healthy, tissue-matched siblings.

Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells Hold Promise for Treating Eye Diseases Including Macular Dystrophy 27 August 2015

The researchers tested immune reactions to a variety of cell types derived from human induced pluripotent stem cellsand found out that retinal pigment epithelial cells were tolerated well.

Stem Cells Applied In a Spinal Cord Surgery to Treat a Paralyzed Man 23 July 2015

Following a ten-year research, surgeons from the Chinese Academy of Sciences have first implanted stem cell into a spinal column of a paralyzed patient during a spinal cord surgery.

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News and articles on autism

Micro-Brains Grown From Skin Stem Cells Shed Light on Autism Causes

21 July 2015

A new stem cell study by Yale School of Medicine sheds light on autism causes and may facilitate drug development for autism treatment.

Efficacy of Fetal Stem Cell Transplantation in Autism Spectrum Disorders: An Open-Labeled Pilot Study

09 March 2015

A pilot study showed no adverse effects of fetal stem cell transplantations in treating children diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders and proved effective in improving speech, sociability, sensory, and overall health of the patients.

Lab-Grown Neurons From Autistic Kids Could Lead to New Treatments

30 November 2014

Progress in stem cell research can help identify the underlying genetic causes of autism and develop new treatments.

Stem Cells to Cure Autism

13 May 2014

Bryan, the Italian boy from Aiello del Sabato, is one of those from our country who has been to Ukraine where they practice this type of treatment.

Mesenchymal stem cells in treating autism: Novel insights

02 May 2014

MSCs could exert a positive effect in ASDs through the following mechanisms: stimulation of repair in the damaged tissue, e.g., inflammatory bowel disease; synthesizing and releasing anti-inflammatory cytokines and survival-promoting growth factors; integrating into existing neural and synaptic network, and restoring plasticity.

Stem cells from baby teeth and autism treatment

30 March 2014

Dr. Alysson Muotri, the reseacher of UCSD, is devoted to finding cures from autism spectrum disorders. For that purpose, he organized collection of stem cells from milk teeth from both autistic and non-affected kids.

A clinical trial for autism stem cell therapy will be launched in the US

04 November 2013

The trial will be aimed at evaluating efficacy of transplantation of autologous umbilical cord stem cells on autistic children.

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